New Game Plan by Skid Vis

A Space Adventure

A little while ago, a movie came out that pretty much everyone hated. It’s called Passengers; it’s about some people cryogenically frozen during a long interplanetary voyage. Chris Pratt wakes up and commits a socially-unacceptable crime.

The movie could have been better, but I really enjoyed the concept. It’s not a new one though; we’ve seen it in Star Trek, Futurama, and countless other times. In fact, it seems we’ve be pondering the scenario since way back in the 1950’s! Take a look at this comic from way back then!

Anyway, I’ve been kicking around the idea for this game for a while now, and I’ve finally freed up enough time to focus on it. I’m thinking of calling it VISITORS. I like that name because, story-wise, it makes sense; but also because it has VR in it AND my name Vis! C’mon, that’s kinda perfect.

It really plays well into the resources I have available. I mean, a person alone in a ship is pretty resource-light. I need a good asset pack for the environment, but not much more needed to create the game location. The bulk of the labor will be solving actual coding issues like doors and weapons and puzzles. The real effort, IMO, will be creating the universe.

Tell me a story

I got into gamedev for one reason, to become filthy rich. lol

Ok, let’s be real.. that’s super rare. I really got into gamedev because I like telling stories, and I want players to be a part of my stories. That said, this is where gamedev gets personal. I have to create characters and a narrative that helps people push past the sure-to-be-poor visuals and any other mishaps that will no doubt arise from being a sole-developer project.

How far along are you?

I’ve been posting videos to Mastodon as I get another piece of the puzzle rounded off. So keep an eye there for more.

Here’s what I think..

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Thanks! Skid Vis

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